Energy and building stock

According to Switzerland’s vision for its building stock, all buildings will eventually be heated and cooled exclusively with renewable energy. This will require significant changes in government policy, as well as in terms of available technologies and business models. We provide our customers with an understanding of what this vision means for them, and support them in developing and implementing concrete solution strategies.

Our customers from the public sector, as well as associations and private companies, are confronted with differing challenges, ranging from being responsible for formulating government policy, to having to adapt in line with the changing statutory requirements. Our experienced, interdisciplinary teams support you in developing individually-tailored, practical solutions in the following areas:

Energy demand and generation

To enable our customers to make well-founded decisions we make use of technical and social-science methods. We model the building stock of the future and use scenarios to show possible developments or ascertain the prices of renewable energy with the help of surveys.

Strategies and actions

How can the building stock be refurbished in terms of energy-related issues? We develop customized strategies in the field of energy in relation to large real estate portfolios, the building stock of a city, a canton or the whole of Switzerland. Our work in this area also includes evaluating measures that have already been implemented and identifying where there is scope for improvement.

Support for policy implementation

We are well acquainted with the general political framework at municipal, cantonal and federal levels, and benefit from an extensive network in the sphere of energy and buildings, offering a comprehensive package of technical expertise from under one roof. These strengths enable us to provide a high level of support to the public sector and private companies when it comes to the implementation of policies and measures. The scope of our work covers a broad spectrum of services, from operating a national incentive scheme for building renovations, to helping to identify new business models.