Energy from waste (Energy)

Our understanding of waste has changed, and it is now recognized that waste contains recyclable fractions that can be used to produce both new materials and renewable energy. This source can replace, or reduce reliance on, fossil fuels and thereby make an important contribution to international energy and climate goals. We develop, evaluate and implement innovative concepts and strategies for effectively using and recycling waste.

What we offer:

  • We analyze existing waste recycling systems and determine their energy recovery potential
  • We evaluate and model energy potential in industries and regions
  • We develop, plan and implement concepts and strategies for individual waste fractions and disposal systems
  • We provide consultation services when it comes to technical, structural and political measures
  • We support the introduction of new systems with selected communication measures

Biogenic waste is one of our particular fields of expertise. For over 15 years we have advised private and public customers with regard to the optimal use of technologies for energy production, from moist biomass (biogas production through anaerobic fermenting, methanation, etc.), wood, household waste and plastics.

The work we undertake in this area includes developing an overview of the various opportunities for energy production from waste in the context of a complete system, as well as analyzing individual issues in depth. Our work is always geared towards providing customers with the foundations for decision making. Our consultation services make use of a broad spectrum of methods and draw on extensive experience. Our close collaboration with authorities, companies and universities ensures that our work remains at the cutting edge of research and practice.