Rütter Soceco and EBP – We’re all set to join forces

Working together with our respective clients, we at Rütter Soceco and EBP have been making valuable contributions to sustainable development for the last four decades. Given our shared commitment to sustainability and our belief in the increasing importance of solid technical expertise, an integrated view, and cross-discipline cooperation, we have decided to join forces. Doing so will enable us to reinforce our interdisciplinary research and consulting activities at the intersection of business and society and to work together on the development of viable, future-oriented solutions to the challenges we face.

EBP Schweiz AG acquired Rütter Soceco AG and welcomed all of its employees as new colleagues at EBP. From May 2021, we bundle our competence and experience in a new “Business + Society” division at our EBP office in Zurich. The Rütter Soceco brand will be transferred in the coming years to EBP.

Together, we will reinforce our position as a leading provider of consulting services for business and societal issues, distinguishing ourselves in terms of our quality, independence, and interdisciplinarity. We offer a full range of technically competent, socioeconomic research and consulting services, from strategy and policy formulation to sound decision-making support and impact assessments, as we assist our public and private-sector clients in Switzerland and throughout the world.

EBP and Rütter Soceco have much in common: our values, our interdisciplinary approach, and our technical expertise. By uniting our technical and methodological competence at the intersection of business and society, we will enhance our own performance to the benefit of our clients.

We all look forward to our future as a united enterprise!