Spatial and capacity planning for Adliswil schools

Adliswil School is planning the renovation and restoration of the existing school buildings in the Sonnenberg/Wilacker school division based on increasing student numbers. EBP is revising the feasibility study that was first carried out in 2009 in view of the changed parameters.

The schools in Adliswil are distributed across six school divisions. In the south-west of the municipality the Sonnenberg/Wilacker school division consists of the two primary schools of Sonnenberg and Wilacker as well as the Sihlau, Sonnenrain and Wanneten kindergartens. As many of the buildings were built in the 60s and 70s, in the short to medium term there will be an increasing need for renovation and repair work to these buildings. Moreover, spatial alterations are needed to bring the schools in line with modern teaching methods.

In 2009 EBP carried out a capacity planning feasibility study for the Sonnenberg/Wilacker school division. In the meantime the school roll forecast has changed and, instead of the 10 primary school classes forecast at the time, 16–17 classes are now anticipated for the year 2020/21. EBP provided the following services when updating the feasibility study:

  • Identification/update of usage and construction requirements taking into account the current demographic forecast and the building stock
  • Update and adaptation of the different solutions and/or development of new scenarios
  • Examination of the efficiency and profitability of the scenarios
  • Evaluation of the scenarios taking into account the economic, social and ecological aspects
  • Preparing a report on the findings, formulation of recommendations and next steps
  • Presentation and communication of the above to the school authorities

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