New builds for the administration of the Canton of Zug and ZVB (Zugerland transport services)

The Canton of Zug is planning the centralisation of the cantonal administration and the new build of the main base of the Zugerland Verkehrsbetriebe (ZVB) at the site in Aa.

The "Focus" initiative comprises new builds for different administrative offices, bus services and residential buildings. A project competition will be held for concrete proposals for the administrative/residential aspect, and a general planner submission for the main ZVB base.

This major project requires the forward-looking coordination of the numerous interests and stakeholders from users to the general public. Clearly defined process organisation, transparent communication and the phase-specific provision of services are essential factors in this process.

EBP is providing the senior project management team of the Canton of Zug Building Department with support and advice from the selection procedure phase onwards and managing the project controlling at a strategic level.

  • Process quality management at strategic level (PQM): Regular provision of project controlling status reports for the attention of the steering committee, covering quality, costs and deadlines incl. risk analysis and catalogue of measures
  • Advising senior project management on current topics incl. co-presentation of papers (process and organisation, variant studies, documentation on the selection procedure, office space planning, change planning, etc.)
  • Administrative support of senior project management
  • Creation, coordination and copy editing of jury reports