Electrolux site Aarau, location evaluation and user representation

swissgrid ag is planning the centralised merger of two of its existing locations. EBP is carrying out the location evaluation and acting as user representation for swissgrid ag.

swissgrid ag is planning to amalgamate two existing locations into one central location in Aarau. In deciding on the location, numerous building and plant safety considerations must be taken into account.

As part of an initial location evaluation, five locations will be checked using a criteria grid. This takes into consideration the structural and planning permission framework requirements for the different locations as well as the safety and economic aspects. In the second phase an in-depth feasibility study will be carried out on three of the chosen locations, including in-depth safety reports, volume studies and economic considerations.

The two locations chosen will then go on to a third phase, which involves an in-depth risk analysis with regard to project organisation and in terms of the construction and project processes. In addition, further economic considerations will be taken into account. On the basis of the findings a definitive decision regarding the location will be made by the board of directors.

Subsequently, in its capacity as user representation, EBP will be advising swissgrid ag (lessee) vis-à-vis Credit Suisse AG (owner) in the realisation of the study contract pursuant to SIA 143 and as representation on the jury. In particular, the coordination of the many usage requirements and the internal specialists will be the main focus in this.

Picture Credits: Schneider & Schneider Architekten