School premises planning Rifferswil

The Rifferswil primary school board is planning an extension to its existing premises due to increasing student numbers and current educational framework requirements. EBP is carrying out the feasibility study and the project competition.

Rifferswil School wants to reorganise and extend its school premises due to the rising number of students and also in order to meet the current educational framework requirements. EBP is analysing the school premises and determining the future needs together with the client based on a student forecast and the changed statutory provisions. In order to assess what is required, strategic approaches are being developed, and the feasibility as well as the investment costs of these examined.

A project competition will be held based on the findings. As well the the new build for the school, existing, protected buildings will be renovated and restored.

Our services:

  • Analysis of the existing premises and forecast of student numbers up to 2030
  • Establish the spatial requirements for the school as well as for community use
  • Development of solution scenarios and feasibility studies includng an assessment of the investment costs
  • Formulation of competition credit application and public information
  • Draw up competition programme with detailed room allocation plan for school, day care and fire station
  • Organisation and management of the process incl. intermediate examination / adjudication
  • Formulation of project planning application and public information