“Trackside Tribune” project at Zollstrasse in Zurich: facade design

A new apartment complex is taking shape in the heart of Zurich at the site of a former supply yard for the construction of the city’s Diameter Line. The team responsible for the project consists of the architectural design and engineering firms Esch Sintzel and EBP whose joint proposal emerged as the winner of the two-stage architectural design competition.

The scope of the project includes the construction of three new buildings offering space for 140 apartments, a restaurant and various stores and small businesses. The building envelope essentially consists of wood-and-metal window frames in the upper levels, wooden window frames in the loggias and all-metal mullion and transom facades on the ground floor. The external, prefabricated brick columns, which are joined to one another via concrete floor slabs, offer a striking appearance. The project is to be certified according to the DGNB sustainability standard and the Minergie®-Eco standard.

Despite the complex geometries involved, the designers succeeded in outfitting the upper level with a high quality wood-and-metal facade that meets a number of very demanding thermal, acoustic and fire-protection specifications. The same also applies to the brick columns in front of the building envelope. These were given additional reinforcement in the form of concrete slabs on the ground floor.

Picture Credits: Rendering SBB