“Trackside Tribune” project at Zollstrasse in Zurich: facade design

Three new apartment buildings were planned and erected at the site of the former construction access point for Zurich’s Diameter Line. The planning work for the three buildings in the heart of Zurich was completed by an interdisciplinary team comprised of specialists from EBP and the Zurich-based architectural firm, Esch Sintzel. The completed project was awarded a prize in the “Auszeichnung für gute Bauten 2016 – 2020” awards for building projects in the city of Zurich during that period.

The three new buildings comprise 140 apartments, as well as a number of commer-cial enterprises and a restaurant at ground level. The impermeable building enve-lope consists essentially of wood-and-metal window frames and parapets on the upper levels. At ground level, the envelope is rendered in floor-to-floor metal post-and-beam façades. Visually striking exterior support elements of prefab concrete brick are joined to one another via concrete slab elements at each floor level. The project was certified in accordance with the DGNB sustainability standard and planned in accordance with the Minergie® Eco standard.

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