Financing models for flood control measures in the Canton of Zurich

People demand for more safety in flood waters. The consequences are higher costs for the Canton of Zurich. Therefore, EBP has analysed alternative financing models.

For several years the population has been requesting bet-ter flood control measures as a result of increasing flooding. The Canton of Zurich is prepared to fulfil the will of the people, but this raises the question of how the canton will finance such measures. To date a large part of flood protection measures in the canton has been financed by taxes. This study investigates whether this method should be continued and which alternative forms of financing are available.

Following financing models were analysed in the study and assessed according to pertinent criteria:

  • tax receipts
  • cost coverage by beneficiaries
  • fees from perpetrators
  • contributions from institutions with synergy effects
  • sponsorship
  • contributions from financially potent funds and sources of finance

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