Development of CAF’s Strategic Climate Change Mitigation Program

EBP together with partners developed a new climate change mitigation strategy for CAF. The strategy and resulting action plan was based on one of the most comprehensive analysis of existing and planned mitigation activities in Latin America.

Together with First Climate and Climate Focus, EBP developed the new climate change mitigation strategy for CAF – development bank of Latin America.

CAF, as a proactive player in Latin Americans climate change arena, aimed at the development of a new mitigation strategy and action plan up to 2017.

The strategy development was based on an analysis of the mitigation potentials of 16 countries in Latin America and an in-depth analysis of initiatives, programs, incentives and activities related to mitigation in 8 priority countries. A special focus was laid on Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAS) and New Market Mechanisms (NMMs). Activities that were analyzed included programs and initiatives in the energy sector with focus on new renewables and energy efficiency, waste and resource management, industries and transport. The analysis was performed in close cooperation with representatives from the relevant ministries of the countries and included a series of expert interviews. In addition, relevant governmental and non.-governmental organizations, development banks and financing facilities including funds were analyzed.

On these grounds strategies paths and concrete strategies were developed in a participatory manner together with CAF. In a final step a tailor made action plan was developed for 2014-2017.