Sisslerfeld Site Development Plan

The value of property owned by nine different landowners is to be increased, by marketing it as one distinct district. In order to do so, questions concerning parcelling of land, phased development, commercial positioning and marketing need to be clarified. EBP is assisting the landowners and the Canton of Aargau in this by drawing up a development plan for the 17 hectare Sisslerfeld site in Fricktal.

The first stage in the development of a high-tech centre in Sisslerfeld centred on persuading the various landowners to buy in to a common vision, as well as including the relevant municipalities in preliminary site management discussions. The specifics of the planned high-tech district were then outlined together with a usage proposal and a strategy for marketing the site at national and international level.

The project was then presented in visual form and implemented with reference to a master plan. Services relating to the marketing of the Sisslerfeld site were also outlined, and the organisational structure of the site management set-up was defined. A workshop was organised to include the landowners and municipality representatives in the planning process.

EBP is supporting the development of the Sisslerfeld district with an interdisciplinary team of experts drawn from its site development and communication divisions.