Developing a Strategy for the Zahnd Sawmill

EBP is helping the Zahnd Sawmill to develop a strategy for greater success on the sawmill-products market.

The management of the Zahnd Sawmill is aiming to reposition the enterprise for greater success on the sawmill-products market. EBP is supporting the enterprise in this endeavour by analysing the following factors: the prospects for selling logs on the Swiss market; the current domestic and foreign markets for sawmill products; and the efficiency of the sawmill's internal processes. The information we gather is being used to develop various strategic options. Working together with the sawmill, we are also assessing the market potential associated with new sales channels in Switzerland and abroad, new products of greater market value, cooperative arrangements with related enterprises and the processing of logs in a higher strength class. A schedule has been established that sets out the major project milestones involved in the implementation of the planned measures.