Communications Management for the A3 highway along the Walensee lake

Communication plays an important role in the context of motorway improvement works. This also applies to the works on the stretch of the A3 along the Walensee. EBP is responsible for deciding on and formulating appropriate communication measures in order to inform the various target groups about the roadworks.

The stretch of the A3 highway between Weesen and Walenstadt was built in the 1980s. Apart from minor maintenance works and resurfacing at certain points, no major works have been carried out to date. Comprehensive renovation works are therefore planned that will take place over the next few years by the Federal Roads Office (FEDRO): the Kerenzerberg Tunnel will be upgraded to bring it in line with the latest safety standards, and will be expanded to include a new safety tunnel. In addition, the stretch between the Murg and Walenstadt junctions will also undergo full renovation.

It will be essential in this context to keep the relevant authorities, motorists and local residents abreast of the latest developments and to help secure public acceptance for the project. This is why EBP has been commissioned to work on behalf of FEDRO in the area of communications management until the project's completion. EBP is responsible for developing and implementing communication measures geared to the various target groups. The brief includes working with the media, drafting printed materials, publishing information on the internet, and organizing events.

Current project status: Detail project/Measures project N03/70 Kerenzerbergtunnel and N03/76 Murg-Walenstadt

Publication date: November 2016