Business report on sustainable building, AGG Bern

A Sustainable Building business report informs the various stakeholders of the ecological, social and economic aspects of the building activities of an organisation, thereby contributing to forming the opinions of interested parties. EBP has supported the Office of Land and Buildings (AGG) of the Canton of Bern in the drafting of such a Report.

The Office for Land and Buildings (AGG) of the Canton of Bern represents the Canton as property owner and developer, and establishes the basis for decisions on sustainable development and the use of land and buildings in the Canton of Bern. The AGG is presenting itself and its areas of competence in a Sustainable Building Business Report for the financial years 2001 to 2011.

EBP is supporting the client in the drafting of this Business Report. Contributing to the organisation and implementation of the process, they are also formulating the content and the graphic design. In order to prepare the report, interviews were conducted with the departments of the AGG, the content prioritised and texts written with the emphasis on aspects such as the achievement of objectives, management, resources and future sustainability guidelines. The report is being prepared as part of the information policy of the authorities, both internally and to outside interested parties. The project management, graphic designers and communications team of EBP have been working closely together with the customer to produce the business report.

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