Test planning for the “Future of the Frenke Valleys” project

The purpose of the test planning associated with the “Future of the Frenke Valleys” project is to establish a basis for a common development strategy. As one of three appointed teams, EBP has drafted a concept and specific proposals for regional development.

The various municipalities of the two Frenke Valleys in the Canton of Basel Country face major challenges relating to their present and future development, challenges of the sort that are often best approached when communities join forces. These challenges include settlement development, the optimal use of commercial zones, transportation and infrastructure planning and the development of recreational areas close to urban centers.

In order to be optimally prepared for the tasks they face, the participating municipalities have come together to launch the project known as the “Future of the Frenke Valleys” in the framework of a federally funded program initiated by the Swiss Federal Office for Spatial Development (ARE) and the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO). When it comes to approaching the development tasks, the municipalities are convinced that the region will only be able exploit its full potential and enhance its standing if they all come together and act in concert.

But what is the best way to establish and maintain a common basis? What development proposals are best suited to the Frenke Valleys? Who is to assume responsibility for reaching common goals? And what are the best ways to achieve these goals? After being commissioned to provide answers to these and other questions in the framework of test planning, EBP has formulated a development concept and strategy which is based on the linking of specific project types to flexible regional structures and a special forum for intensive regional dialogue. The focus of the approach is on securing a well-calibrated entry into a long-term, joint development process for the benefit of the entire region.

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