Do Zurich’s new city planning regulations promote sustainable development?

The city of Zurich revised its city planning regulations. EBP examined the extent to which the revised regulations continue to support the sustainable development of the city of Zurich.

The city of Zurich is revising its development plan while at the same time revising parts of its building and zoning code. What impact will these changes have on Zurich’s development? To answer this question, EBP carried out an evaluation of the extent to which the new regulations promote sustainable development.

The changes to the city’s main urban development specifications were analyzed in the framework of a sustainability evaluation. The impact that the changes could be expected to have on the various facets of sustainable urban development was assessed in workshops that included the participation of key members of the city’s administration. The results were then used as a basis for drafting a summary evaluation of the impact the new development instruments could be expected to have on sustainable development and various recommendations for amending the revised planning guidelines. These recommendations were then taken account of in a subsequent revision of the official ordinances.