Fiscal effects of the Limmattalbahn (Limmattal Railway)

The Canton of Aargau hopes to make a meaningful contribution to sustainable spatial development in the Limmat Valley through the Limmattalbahn. EBP has calculated how the public purse and local employment markets can benefit from this.

The Canton of Aargau hopes to use its involvement in the Limmattalbahn (LTB) project to support Limmattal’s sustainable spatial development by means of a future-oriented transport system. The Grand Assembly of Aargau has approved a one-off investment of CHF 178 million (BVU, 2015) for the planning and construction of the LTB. On behalf of the Canton of Aargau, EBP carried out a study of the financial benefits of the Limmattalbahn for the public budgets of the federal government, the canton and the municipalities in the Limmat Valley.

The Limmattalbahn stops create new potential for urban development and enhancement. Some municipalities have already introduced corresponding planning measures and further expansions and re-zonings have already been incorporated into the standard planning procedures. Based on the spatial planning potential and known real-estate projects, EBP made an estimate of the growth in population and employment. Then, by means of an area development and financial planning model created by EBP, the long-term impact on the public purse was calculated and compared with the investment, maintenance and operating costs.

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