Special zoning plan for "Project Quai Zurich"

Zurich intends to redevelop its 110-year-old global headquarters, at Mythenquai, in the city of Zurich. EBP drafts the special zoning plan and sees it through the approval phases.

Zurich plans to comprehensively redevelop its110-year-old headquarters located at Mythenquai in Zurich.
EBP drafts the special zoning plan on the basis of the revised award-winning architectural design plan submitted by Architect Krischanitz ZT GmbH.

The aim of the special zoning plan is to guarantee the realization of our winning project by Architect Krischanitz ZT GmbH whilst at the same time ensuring the necessary flexibility in the context of the project’s realisation. One special aspect in this connection is represented by the parallel procedure for establishing the status of the original structure as a historic building and therefore warranting preservation.

In addition to drafting the special zoning plan, we will be responsible for seeing it through the various approval phases.

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