Carbon footprint of a transformer manufacturer

EBP is drawing up a carbon footprint for European transformer manufacturer SGB-SMIT Group. This greenhouse gas emissions balance should identify where there is potential for reduction and propose optimisation measures.

The SGB-SMIT Group is the leading medium-sized transformer manufacturer in Europe. The company’s factories in Regensburg, Neumark, Nijmegen and Nilai (Malaysia) produce transformers with a spectrum ranging from 50 kVA to 1000 MVA. The product range includes small oil-filled distribution transformers for local distribution networks and transformer substations, cast resin transformers for industry and wind power, mid-range and large-scale transformers for relay stations and power plants.

In order to assess the impact of its products and production processes on the climate, the SGB-SMIT Group has decided to commission a carbon footprint audit of its sites. The aim is to identify the activities within the company that have the most significant effect on greenhouse gas emissions and determine the quantity of the greenhouse gas emissions. The carbon footprint enables the company to find the potential for reduction and to propose optimisation measures. The remaining emissions can be compensated for with climate certificates.

EBP is providing support for the SGB-SMIT Group in obtaining data and calculating the carbon footprint. The main energy consumers and greenhouse gas emitters are identified by means of questionnaires and site inspections, and then the volume of greenhouse gases emitted is calculated. To enable the SGB-SMIT Group to calculate its own carbon footprint in future, EBP is also drafting a new calculation tool. Appropriate parameters are also being developed to enable the company to publish its greenhouse gas emissions in its annual sustainability report.