Carbon footprint of a transformer manufacturer

EBP has drafted a carbon-footprint assessment for the European transformer manufacturer SGB-SMIT Group. The company can now use this calculation of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to identify ways of lowering its emissions and reducing its footprint.

As one of Europe’s leading transformer manufacturers, the SGB-SMIT Group has expanded its operations to various international locations. The company’s product line ranges from small oil-distribution transformers for local power grids to medium and large power transformers for electric substations and power plants.

EBP helped the SGB-SMIT Group to assess its climate performance by calculating the group’s carbon footprint. Using questionnaires, we identified the largest points of energy consumption and GHG-relevant activities within the enterprise. We then calculated the total amount of emitted GHG. The company can now use this calculation to identify the most promising and effective ways of reducing its emissions.

To enable the SGB-SMIT Group to calculate its own carbon footprint in the future, our team created a convenient calculation tool. We also identified the relevant parameters. The company can now publish the results in a GHG performance table in its annual sustainability report and use the table for purposes of easy comparison.

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