Plastic Recycling in Switzerland

In Switzerland, the major share of plastic waste is still disposed of with the rubbish and therefore incinerated. In the course of the revision of the legal framework regarding waste , EBP, mandated by the Round Table for Plastics in Switzerland and the Federal Office of Environement, examines the ecological and economic impacts of different recycling scenarios for Switzerland.

In order to increase plastics recycling in Switzerland in connection with the revision of the Technical Ordinance on Waste, the Round Table for Plastics in Switzerland was launched in 2010, consisting of stakeholders from the Confederation, the cantons, the municipalities and communities, the retail trade and waste industry. The Round Table together with the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) has mandated several studies to investigate environmentally and financially suitable options for recovery and disposal of plastic waste.

EBP investigated the potential materials and energy recovery of plastic fractions in Switzerland. Three scenarios with different recovery priorities were assessed economically and ecologically, the feasibility of the scenarios assessed, and possible financing possibilities were examined.