Resource efficiency in information and communication technologies (ICT)

Increasing resource efficiency in the area of information and communication technologies is one of six areas of activity to promote a green economy. Acting for the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment, EBP has drawn up a set of basic principles for developing appropriate measures.

Increasing the efficiency of resources by using ICT is one of the six areas of activity to promote a green economy at the Federal Council of Switzerland. As a basis for developing measures in this area, we have drawn up a series of questions on environmental and resource-related economic questions in connection with ICT, which include the following aspects:

  • Positive and negative ecological aspects of ICT in the different phases of its life cycle (raw material extraction, manufacture, transport, implementation, use, disposal)
  • Measures to reduce negative environmental impacts (technical measures and changes in behaviour)
  • ICT rebound effects: analysis and approaches to reduce rebound effects
  • Promotion of resource efficiency in various phases of the life cycle of ICT products and services: national measures, examples.

The analyses show that national measures to promote resource efficiency are needed due to negative external effects, a lack of market transparency and further market deficiencies. In addition, the study points out some basic considerations and concrete examples of possible actions for the government.

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