Anti-litter campaign in the Canton of Thurgau

In the Canton of Thurgau, the canton and municipalities are joining forces to improve cleanliness and safety in public places.

Litter pollution is the most visible form of pollution and its presence can create a negative impression. Litter affects us all because we all use public spaces. Behaviour in public spaces has changed. In order to reduce litter dropping in the Canton of Thurgau, in 2008 the Office for the Environment and the Association of Incinerator Plants Thurgau planned an anti-litter campaign to run over several years. The aim of the campaign is to exert a positive influence on behaviour in public places, to raise cleanliness standards and to improve safety.

EBP and the company seecon gmbh assisted the project management team during the concept phase and during implementation of the anti-litter campaign, which has been organised in close cooperation with the communes of the Thurgau, cantonal associations and interest groups.

Following tasks have been undertaken by EBP:

  • Analysis of a total of 10 litter situations in different Thurgau communes leading to packages of anti-litter measures, which can also be implemented in other communes.
  • Establishment of a cantonal coordination platform with representatives from Thurgau communes and associations as well as experts on litter from private industry, the Confederation and national associations.
  • Regular information on the anti-litter campaign is provided in a newsletter and via website
  • Organisation of Anti-Litter Forums where the results of the work of the concept phase were discussed in public.


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