Development Prospects for Birsköpfli in Basel

People of all ages, backgrounds and lifestyles are fond of visiting the urban park known as Birsköpfli. Their various urban-park-related recreational needs, propensities and expectations have now been examined in the context of a development study.

What locals refer to as the “Birsköpfli” is a largely undeveloped, popular stretch of land at the confluence of the Birs River and the Rhine River on the outskirts of the City of Basel. Extending along the Rhine well into the municipality of Birsfelden, the Birsköpfli is especially well-frequented during the summer months by people of all ages, backgrounds, and lifestyles, i.e. people who can be expected to have different views about how to get the most out of an urban park.

EBP has conducted a development study to identify various measures that could be introduced to help ensure an equitable accommodation of the interests of the disparate groups of people who frequent the park while at the same time preserving an atmosphere of freedom.

The study results offer a look at a number of needs-oriented or user-specific developments, how conflicts can be avoided and various ways of bringing about general improvements in the use of the park.

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