ObertorPlus Test Planning

The City of Winterthur is planning to vacate various administrative offices in the Obertor district of its old town and to make the vacated city real estate available for development. Extensive test planning was carried out to evaluate the relevant existing conditions and development potential.

Various parts of the Winterthur city administration as well as its police department are currently housed in the Obertor district on the east end of the city's old town. The City of Winterthur is now planning to relocate these offices in order to free up valuable space for new development projects in the coming years.

The City of Winterthur's goal is to exploit the development potential that will be available as a result of the vacancies by converting the space with an eye to quality and otherwise optimizing the available real estate. This was the rationale for completing a broad-based test planning procedure, with the aim of providing information on the conditions for development as well as various development options.

EBP was commissioned to carry out and manage the test planning procedure.

Picture Credits: City of Winterthur