Urban development study for the Extension of the West Portal of the Gubrist Tunnel in Weiningen

An urban development study is to be carried out to assess the planned expansion of the west portal of the Gubrist tunnel in Weiningen and to define various project-related enhancement measures and a compensatory utilisation programme for the affected area of the municipality. EBP has been commissioned to organise and moderate the process that will include the participation of cantonal authorities, federal authorities and authorities representing the municipality.

The Canton of Zurich’s Department of Economic Affairs has commissioned EBP to support the Canton’s Office of Transport  in the capacity of an external project manager in charge of organising, moderating and conducting an urban development study of the planned expansion of the North Zurich bypass road. In addition to three interdisciplinary planning teams, the municipality of Weiningen, the Federal Roads Office  and various cantonal authorities participated in the planning process.

The aim of the urban development study is to define specifications for a superstructure over the west portal of the Gubrist tunnel, to devise various structural enhancement measures and to draft an utilisation programme for the area within the municipality of Weiningen that will be affected by the project.

The assignment includes the preparation for and execution of the planning procedure as well as the provision of technical support to the teams when it comes to establishing a basis for decision making and the provision of expert services relating to the subject of noise control.

Picture Credits: Canton of Zurich

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