BerlinStrategy I City Development Plan Berlin 2030

The BerlinStrategy provides the growing city of Berlin with a medium to long-term vision. EBP has supported the Berlin Senate Department for Urban Development and the Environment in the drafting of the city’s development plan.

Berlin has been shaped by historical, political and societal developments to a greater extent than other cities in Europe. Berlin now faces the challenge of marrying up its growing affluence and economic vitality with a high standard of living, whilst at the same time preserving its open spaces, and its creativity and broad-mindedness. Added to this is Berlin’s interest in projecting an image of itself as an attractive and competitive metropolis.
The BerlinStrategy | City Development Plan Berlin 2030 reveals how the city can achieve these goals. The plan emphasises what Berlin stands for, outlines the future course it has charted for itself as a city, and offers a medium to long-term vision for the city's development. The BerlinStrategy also aspires to fulfil the various criteria of holistic urban development, whilst establishing specific key issues and geographical areas to be prioritised.

EBP has supported the Berlin Senate Department for Urban Development and the Environment as follows:

  • Establishment of the essential content of the BerlinStrategy in close cooperation with the project management team, specialist offices within the city’s administration and external stakeholders
  • Planning, organisation and moderation of the internal process of formulating the strategy
  • Definition of the product and the instruments and measures for its implementation
  • Evaluation and integration of contributions from the (expert) public

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