EPI – Feasibility Study for the 2nd Phase of the Lengg Hospital Expansion

EPI commissioned a site and volume study to determine the feasibility of a possible second phase in the expansion of the Klinik Lengg facility. The study includes a comparison of three potential expansion sites, evaluated in terms of their operational, planning and legal prerequisites as well as the extent of their potential impact on the City.

A master plan for the development of the site of the Swiss Epilepsy Foundation (EPI) was drawn up in 2008. This plan continues to serve as a basis for coordinating the site’s further development.  

Following the hospital expansion in 2013/2014 and the opening of the new Klinik Lengg AG facility on 1 April 2014, the next step In the context of the master plan was to clarify the details of the second phase of the hospital expansion at the EPI site with the aid of simple volume studies and consideration of the planning prerequisites. This investigation took place in the form of a site study in which three sites that had been previously identified in collaboration with the Foundation were compared and assessed against an evaluation scale.

With a view to a second possible hospital expansion, an evaluation was carried out of the operational, planning and legal prerequisites as well as the possible impact on the city of the various sizes of building under consideration.

Picture Credits: Canton of Zurich

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