Regional planning in Zurich’s Pfannenstil

The ZPP is a planning association that represents 12 municipalities in the canton of Zurich’s Pfannenstil region. To help the ZPP secure its objective of well-coordinated spatial development in the region, EBP has been providing it with technical regional-planning services since 2013. Our work includes overseeing revisions of the regional development plan, reviewing planning proposals, and organizing meetings. The planning events we organize allow us to include the 12 municipalities in all development projects from the outset.

Our services

  • Technical processing and procedural oversight of revisions to the main regional development plan and other regional development plans
  • Drafting of reviews of overarching, parallel, and downstream plans (e.g. cantonal development plans and separate municipal usage and special-usage plans)
  • Organization of and participation in all meetings of the executive committee and the municipal delegates
  • Organization of all relevant events, including workshops and public participation venues
ZPP information event on a planning project

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