Key Development Areas for Housing

The Canton of Aargau forecasts steady population growth well into the future. A focus on "key development areas for housing" can help to ensure that this growth is kept within the available spatial boundaries.

The Canton of Aargau is growing at an above-average rate. This is coupled with changing demands for housing quality and a steadily increasing per capita need for space. While the Canton of Aargau has sufficient development zones for the next 20 to 25 years if the current rate of construction remains the same, the distribution of these zones does not correspond to the demand for housing. The canton would like to absorb the expected population growth with a sustainable spatial distribution plan so as to preserve a high degree of settlement and housing quality.

Working on behalf of the canton, EBP drafted, as part of a study process, a strategy for increased housing development at urban locations offering good community and infrastructure access. The brief was to develop a supply-side pull strategy as a counterpart to the push strategy which outlines restrictions on housing development. The project involved identifying potential areas for "key development areas for housing" (KDA) and highlighting the opportunities and limitations of a KDA Housing Policy. The work included the following elements:

  • Identifying specific locations and providing a rationale on their suitability in terms of the development objectives
  • Estimating the number of additional residents who could be accommodated and appraising this potential in the light of the projected population growth
  • Setting out the options for developing existing urban space and extending outwards (relevant potential for densification and expansion)
  • Preliminary proposals for the design and development of the locations (appropriate mix of usage and suitable housing typology)
  • Presentation of possible implementation strategies and tools

The submitted strategy enabled the canton to formulate important housing specifications in its cantonal development plan.

Canton of Aargau Development Plan (see Chapter S 1.9 Focus on Housing)

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