General contractor services for structural engineering

Complex construction projects and remodeling projects require professional project management in order to be successful. We offer planning solutions that help you achieve that goal – from support in individual disciplines to integrated general contractor services, through to general planning and master planning – all from a single source.

One of our key functions is to carefully balance the interests of different project participants. For this reason, it is very important to us to involve all relevant stakeholders in projects at the appropriate stages.
We handle management tasks, general management of planning teams and support for architects that handle general management, taking the burden off interdisciplinary planning teams at all stages of a project so they can concentrate on the creative, goal-oriented side of the design and planning processes.
We have many years of experience managing interdisciplinary teams. Our theoretical knowledge and practical experience in a wide variety of areas combine to provide a practical, holistic, solution-oriented service.

We actively support you with the following services:

Planning project leadership

  • Leadership of general teams and planning teams
  • Project management support for architects
  • Organizational structures and workflows
  • Project manuals
  • Conducting project reviews
  • Project quality management (PQM)
  • Time, cost, quality and resource management
  • BIM coordination
  • Consulting for planning and execution models (detail planners/general planners, sole contractors/general contractors/total contractors)
  • Executing and coordinating calls for tenders from planners and contractors
  • Top-level management and site management
  • Guarantee management and defect management
  • Claims management

Utilization and operation

  • Planning and coordinating tenant fit-out

Costs and cost-effectiveness

  • Cost estimates
  • Cost management