SBB Real Estate is building the 850-feet Andreasturm at the site of the Oerlikon train station. EBP has been commissioned by the investor for client advisory and representation.

Designed by the Zurich-based architectural firm Gigon/Guyer, the 850-feet Andreasturm is to be built in the immediate vicinity of the Oerlikon train station. The SBB high-rise project is expected to be completed by the year 2018. According to the plans, the 21-floor, 36’000m² building is to include office space, two restaurants, retail stores and an underground parking garage. Aiming at a platinum certificate according to the DGNB Certification System, the building will meet the most demanding of sustainability criteria.

The high-rise building is to be built on a small property near the railroad tracks at Oerlikon station. Because of the tower’s four underground levels in a complex and dense infrastructural area, the project’s execution is expected to be especially demanding when it comes to the interfaces to adjacent properties and the parallel urban railway development project known as the Diameter Line. The challenges center in particular on various aspects of structural engineering and construction logistics.

Working in the capacity of a Construction Project Manager, EBP will advise the investor and manage, coordinate and monitor the general planners (design phase) andtotal contractor (execution phase) with respect to project goals, responsibilities, results, PQM, scheduling, quality and cost development throughout the project’s planning, tendering and execution phases. The scope of the assignment also includes all aspects of tenant coordination and the interface management between basic and tenant fit out.

Picture Credits: SBB

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