PlusEnergie school in Ettelbruck (Luxembourg)

Luxembourg is planning a new building for the Lycée technique pour professions des santé (LSE), to be a PlusEnergie School. The requirements set for this pilot project are very high; the building should produce more energy over its life cycle than it takes to construct, operate and dismantle it. Certification in accordance with MINERGIE-P-ECO is sought (later possibly MINERGIE-A).

In order to achieve the very high objectives set here, pressure was applied equally to both sides of the balance sheet. On the consumption side, the optimum conditions included good thermal insulation, an innovative ventilation concept and the optimum use of passive energy gains, together with the timber construction and minimal earth-moving operations. On the generation side, full and logical use is made of solar energy. Thermal collectors integrated into the façade provide seasonal solar storage. The roof is made of solar panels and generates the necessary electricity surplus from a renewable source.

EBP was responsible for advising the planning team with regard to energy efficiency, the choice of construction type in conjunction with grey energy, the calculation of grey energy for the choice of construction, the balance sheet for a Plus-Energy building and ECO certification (various procedures to take account of different requirements and planning considerations), and obtaining MINERGIE-P(A)-ECO certification, including “translation” of the Luxembourg supporting documentation to correspond to the equivalent Swiss papers, and determining the discrepancies between the Luxembourg and Swiss life-cycle assessments together with the EMPA.

Picture Credits: © FABECKARCHITECTES sarl