Osh and Jalalabad Water and Wastewater Rehabilitation Project

EBP are entrusted with the overall project management, tendering and construction supervision of the rehabilitation of the water and wastewater infrastructure in two cities of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Since the seventies, only limited funds have been invested into Kyrgyzstan’s water and wastewater infrastructure. On behalf of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) EBP supports the Municipalities of Osh and Jalalabad in planning, tendering and implementation of infrastructure rehabilitation projects.

The analysis of the situation comprises the validation of the existing feasibility study and the hydraulic modelling of the water supply network capacities which are expected in future. To comply with these future needs, over 70 km of the water supply networks shall be rehabilitated or extended. The additional water needed is provided by new water intakes constructed in the framework of projects by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in both cities.

Furthermore, 9’000 water meters shall be installed on private house connections in Jalalabad, which is vital for careful utilization of water as well as for sustainable long term monitoring, planning and financing of the water utility. In the course of the elaboration of the water metering concept in Osh, the water utility opted for a pilot project where 3’360 water meters with remote reading modules are installed. In future, the water utility staff only has to drive by the private houses and a handheld reading device will automatically collect the water meter data. This data can then directly be integrated into the water utility’s billing and accounting system.

Additionally, the wastewater treatment plant and several drinking water pumping stations are rehabilitated in Osh. The use of energy efficient pumps and the reduction of water losses in the supply network will allow for important reduction of energy consumption and thus financial expenses of the Utility.

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