Bregalnica River Basin Management

The water resources of the Bregalnica river in Macedonia shall be managed in a sustainable way. Citizens, industry, agriculture and tourism shall equally benefit from clean water. EBP develops a River Basin Management Plan, facilitates the implementation of small infrastructure projects, and implements the public information campaign.

Bregalnica is the second biggest river in Macedonia. Citizens, industry, agriculture, and tourism in 15 municipalities rely on the water resources of the river in the East of Macedonia and its tributaries. In a first step, a comprehensive analysis of the river basin as well as a monitoring of surface waters and groundwater were conducted to establish a data basis regarding the quantity and quality of the water resources. Based on this analysis, goals and concrete measures were defined to allow an efficient use and protection of the water resources.

In a next step, municipalities in the region were invited to propose small water infrastructure projects to be implemented in this framework. For this purpose, a specific project fund was established. More than 15 projects were implemented including sewage systems for villages, small treatment plants as well as systems for drinking water treatment and river regulation measures.

The Bregalnica River Basin Management Project is a joint initiative by the Macedonian government, the Bregalnica municipalities, and SECO. It is implemented between 2012 and 2016. EBP, together with a Spanish company and local experts, is – among others – responsible for the following services:

  • Analysis of the quantity and quality of the existing water resources
  • Facilitation of basic GIS data
  • Development of a River Basin Management Plan
  • Development and management of the fund for small infrastructure projects
  • Water allocation modelling to assess the current and future water demand and supply by taking into account climate change and different development scenarios
  • Modelling of phosphorus inputs into surface water bodies
  • Public awareness campaign (citizens, industry, agriculture, and tourism)
  • Development of the communication concept
  • Public and media relations
  • Management of the website
  • Training of national authorities
  • Provision of studies and know-how for the national policy dialogue for integrated water resources management

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