Revitalisation and Redevelopment of the Dorfbach in Erlenbach

The Dorfbach in Erlenbach is to be ecologically revitalised and the risk of flooding that it poses is to be minimised. EBP conducts a feasibility study and outlines two viable options.

Try as one might, there is little positive to say about the final 250-metre stretch of the Dorfbach before it flows into Lake Zürich. The stream is constrained in a deeply cut channel. The sometimes perpendicular walls leading down to the stream’s banks rule out any possibility of gaining access to the water. Culverts, too, have been installed to contain various sections of the stream, and in places, it suffers from a lack of sufficient flood-control measures.

Options for opening up and revitalising the Dorfbach are to be examined in the context of a feasibility study. This study centres on the following factors:

  • Appealing integration into the village scape: measures are to be introduced to enhance the attractiveness of the Dorfbach and make it a feature of the village that the village residents could be proud of and a location they would be interested in frequenting.
  • Insufficient flood control: various means of reducing the risk of flooding are to be examined. Flow profiles that would ensure a sufficient degree of flood protection are to be developed with the help of hydraulic modelling.
  • Revitalisation: the stream bed and banks are to undergo ecological restoration.

The aim of the study was to demonstrate the feasibility of opening up and revitalising the Dorfbach in the centre of Erlenbach, despite the very limited space defined by the existing buildings, streets and utility lines. Two proposals for revitalising and enhancing the appearance of the Dorfbach in the centre of Erlenbach were worked out in greater detail and visualised.

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