Chlus Hydropower Station, Phase 1 ESR

Repower AG is planning the construction of the Chlus Hydropower Station. EBP is drafting phase 1 of the environmental sustainability report for the concession project.

Repower AG is planning the construction of the ChlusHydropower Station. The plan calls for capturing the water from the existing Klosters-Kublis hydropower station and channelling it through a 16 km head-race tunnel and a 2 km pressure pipeline to a hydropower station in Trimmis where it will be used to generate electricity. The water will then be returned to the Alpenrhein. With its projected output of around 62 MW and an annual production volume of 214 GWh, this hydropower station constitutes a project of national significance.

Wasserkraftwerk Chlus
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EBP is working together with five expert planners on the phase 1 environmental sustainability report (ESR) for the project. In addition to assuming the role of project manager, we are also addressing various issues relating to hydrology, hydropeaking, water quality, turbidity, natural hazards, compensatory measures, non-ionising radiation and materials management. One important aspect of the planning with implications relating to environmental law is the determination of the residual flow rates. In the case of the Chlus project, this process is being carried out under the direction of EBP and includes the participation of cantonal representatives and other stakeholders such as associations and environmental protection organisations.

In the spring and summer of 2014, concession agreements relating to the water diversion measures are to be reached in the twelve concession-granting municipalities. Once these agreements have been worked out, the ESR will be submitted along with the concession petition to the Canton of Graubünden.

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