Replacement Buildings in Winzerhalde

EBP has been commissioned by Zurich IMRE AG to act as an external expert in the context of quality control, change-order negotiations with the general contractor.

Seven new multifamily residential buildings, comprising a total of 67 upscale rental apartments and a common underground parking garage, are being built according to the MINERGIE-P ECO standard on a site in Zurich Hoengg between Limmat and Winzerhalde in the immediate vicinity of the Limmat River.

Owing to unexpectedly high amounts of hazardous materials in the existing buildings that needed to be torn down as well as unforeseen special foundation work, the developer commissioned specialists from EBP to provide consulting services in the context of change-order negotiations with the general contractor and, in particular, regarding the need for plausible accounts of the additional costs incurred.

EBP supported the Department of Investment Management & Real Estate of Zurich Insurance by performing quality, inspection and deficiency-elimination monitoring during the project’s realization phase. This work included the submission of monthly construction-site reports, technical consultation and acceptance inspections.

Picture Credits: theo hotz partner | architekten / Arttools

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