Feasibility study for the new Rächtenwisen freight building at Zurich Airport

Zurich Airport AG is planning to build a new freight building as a part of a plan to efficiently partition the site. EBP has been commissioned to carry out a feasibility study, develop a utilization concept and draft a rough estimate of the associated costs.

Zurich Airport AG is planning the construction of the new “Rächtenwisen Freight Building” in the eastern section of the airport site. The development of the site represents the first step in a general plan to achieve functional separation on the site and is a necessary condition for a needed revision of the West-Mitte freight zone. EBP undertook a commission between 2010 and 2011 to carry out a feasibility study. The study report specifies the general conditions and site-user requirements for the project, as well as an outline of feasible building solutions and their respective advantages and disadvantages. The basic prerequisites for the development were clarified, thereby forming a sound basis for decision-making by the management of Zurich Airport AG.

Working on behalf of Zurich Airport AG, EBP completed a feasibility study for the airport’s new freight building. The scope of the assignment included the following tasks:

  • Completion of feasibility study
  • Development of utilization concept
  • Drafting of a rough estimate of the costs

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