Strategic development planning for the University of Zurich (UZH): Roadmap for the UZH in Central Zurich

EBP is helping the University of Zurich to develop a planning strategy for its priority building projects. The scope of the assignment includes an analysis of the associated needs and costs. The results are to be summarized in the form of a roadmap.

The development planning for the university district in Central Zurich is currently in the preliminary study phase. The scope of the development includes major building projects for the University of Zurich, the University Hospital and ETH Zurich. In light of the launching of the first architectural design competitions, it is now essential to specify the project phases, the needs plan and the investment plan with an eye to coordinating the realization of the prioritized building projects. All of the relevant data are to be summarized in a roadmap that is to be submitted to the relevant supervisory office. The roadmap is to specify the space allocation data for the various institutions, the relevant volume and height data, the traffic-management measures, the investment costs and the scheduling of the various architectural design competitions.

EBP is helping the UZH to develop the roadmap for the UZH in Central Zurich. Working in close consultation with the UZH Real Estate Development Department, we are performing the following tasks:

  • Process design and product definition
  • Task and schedule planning, process management
  • Needs-based phase planning and investment planning
  • Analysis of the potential of existing buildings
  • Documentation and UZH roadmap visualization

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