Strategy for the Development of the Agroscope Research Infrastructure

Working together with Agroscope’s management, EBP has developed the "Agroscope Infrastructure Development Strategy 2050" with the aim of optimally aligning the agricultural competence centre’s infrastructure to its future agricultural research activities.

The Agroscope is the Swiss federal competence centre for agricultural research. The centre operates an extensive range of research facilities at around 10 locations in Switzerland. The centre’s construction and maintenance needs are expected to exceed the available resources in the medium to long term. In light of the Agroscope’s reorganisation in January 2014 and its limited infrastructure budget, alternative scenarios have been developed to show how the centre’s research infrastructure can be optimally aligned to its future research activities.

Employee and representative surveys were carried out to assess the centre’s existing infrastructure and determine the future infrastructure-related needs at Agroscope’s various sites. A set of goals and principles for the planning and development of the Agroscope’s research infrastructure were then formulated in the "Agroscope Infrastructure Development Strategy 2050" plan. This plan was then used as a basis for deriving various development scenarios and specifying appropriate target costs. The results were recorded in a comprehensive report.

Picture Credits: Agroscope

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