Architectural Development Strategy for the University of Zurich Focus on UZH Site in Central Zurich

Working together with the University of Zurich’s Department of Real Estate Development, EBP is helping to draft the UZH’s «Architectural Development Strategy» with a focus on the UZH site in Central Zurich.

In order to establish the structural and operational conditions for long-term success in the competitive environment of national and international research and academic institutions, the University of Zurich (UZH) is planning the structural development that is to take place at its sites in Irchel and Central Zurich.

The purpose of the UZH’s "Architectural Development Strategy" is to outline the vision, goals and specifications that are to guide the further development of the University’s infrastructure and that are to be reflected in the various general, strategic, operational and specific architectural outcomes. The first edition of the Development Strategy focuses on the UZH’s site in Central Zurich and specifies the tasks that are to be completed in terms of the ongoing planning and architectural design. The "Architectural Development Strategy" is ultimately to be approved by the university’s governing board.

EBP is helping the UZH Department of Real Estate Development to structure and draft the "Architectural Development Strategy" for the University of Zurich. The general principles for the development of the university’s infrastructure and the specific goals for 26 operational areas (e.g. instructional facilities, research platforms, catering) are being defined in workshops on the basis of the UZH’s "Strategic Goals 2020" plan. The scope of the work also includes assessing the needs of each operational area encompassed by the site in Central Zurich and outlining all subsequent design and planning tasks.

Picture Credits: UZH

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