Analysis of Railway Station Site Potential

EBP has been commissioned by SBB Real Estate Development to carry out an analysis of the development potential associated with various railway station sites. The aim is to clarify the legal framework, examine various utilisation options, evaluate the general real-estate development potential and ensure the early-stage identification of any major project risks.

One comprehensive development proposal was submitted for each of the nine railway station sites, along with an assessment of the framework conditions. Beyond this, the strengths, weaknesses, risks and opportunities were assessed for each proposed solution. The resulting assessment of the station properties gives SBB Real Estate Development a basis for evaluating their overall development potential.

Working on behalf of SBB Real Estate Development, EBP carried out an analysis of the development potential associated with nine railway station sites. The scope of the assignment included the following services:

Clarification of the legal framework for development

  • Clarification of development restrictions relating to non-ionising radiation, landmark protection, noise, and provisions outlined in the Major Accidents Ordinance
  • Definition of utilisation potential and site size, including parking
  • Calculation of the maximum useable space
  • Drafting of development proposals
  • SWOT analysis
  • Definition of procedures
  • Drafting of a milestone plan (scheduling)

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