Adliswil indoor Swimming Pool

EBP helps the municipality of Adliswil to draft a real estate development strategy and to carry out a feasibility study of the proposed construction of an indoor swimming pool and an adjacent recreational facility.

The indoor swimming pool in Tal and the "Pitsch" fitness centre next door are key facilities in the municipality of Adliswil’s recreational landscape. After 40 years of operation, the facilities are now in need of extensive renovation. EBP was commissioned to draft a development concept for the indoor swimming pool and the adjacent recreational facility to carry out a feasibility study of the site strategy that was selected as the favourite by the municipality council.

The scope of the assignment for EBP included the following services:

  • Current status analysis to expand upon and examine the plausibility of the results of earlier evaluations
  • Examination of various renovation and expansion measures at different levels of intervention
  • Identification of various project options, including specific measures catalogues and rough cost estimates based on current-status examinations and possible measures
  • Closer examination of specific design issues
  • Drafting of a space utilisation concept
  • Comprehensive site studies and review of the future space-utilisation plan
  • Assessment of alternative plans for the entranceway
  • Drafting of phased approaches for all buildings so as to optimise project scheduling
  • Second rough estimate of the associated costs based on additional key data
  • Detailed assessment of concrete quality

Picture Credits: ArcMap GIS

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