Student and faculty representation for University of St.Gallen expansion

The University of St.Gallen (HSG) plans to expand its facilities at its existing campus and to build new facilities at a new location. EBP supports the HSG in terms of defining student and faculty objectives and requirements, drafting a utilisation plan and managing the expansion projects.

The University of St.Gallen (HSG) has seen above-average growth in student numbers since 2005. While the available space was originally meant to accommodate around 5,000 students, enrolment at the HSG had already grown to 7,600 by the year 2013. An expansion of the available space is therefore urgent, and is now planned to take place in the form of two parallel projects, one at the existing campus and one at a new site.

EBP is supporting the HSG in the capacity of a student and faculty representative in the preliminary-study phase (drafting of master plan and organisation of architectural design competitions). Working in close cooperation with university officials and student and faculty representatives, EBP will perform the following services:

  • Ascertainment of space needs based on utilisation analysis, didactic aims and growth forecasts
  • Drafting of utilisation concepts for the functions of teaching, research and administration, and evaluation of the concept designs for libraries, food services, and building operation & logistics as a basis for defining goals, principles of space allocation and requirements
  • Risk analysis and measures planning
  • Coordination and communication with the developer (Canton of St.Gallen)
  • User-representation in the context of drafting the master plan and organising architectural design competitions

Picture Credits: University of St.Gallen

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