Competition management for SAW development project at Erikastrasse in Zurich

EBP helps the retirement home foundation known as “Stiftung Alterswohnungen” of the City of Zurich to plan the realisation of a new retirement home with apartments and commercial space.

The retirement home foundation known as “Stiftung Alterswohnungen der Stadt Zürich” (SAW), which is operated by a building cooperative known as the “Allgemeine Baugenossenschaft Zürich” (ABZ), has received approval to acquire a number of adjacent properties at Erikastrasse, Bremgartnerstrasse and Seebahnstrasse in the Wiedikon district of Zurich. The apartment buildings currently located at the site were built in 1925 and no longer meet current standards. SAW is therefore planning to build a replacement residence comprising around 60 affordable and age-appropriate apartments, as well as commercial space for a number of small shops. The SAW apartments are to be enhanced by a wide range of services (e.g. assisted-living services). The new building is also to meet the demanding Minergie-ECO standard. EBP supported the developer in terms of preparing, organising and completing an open, one-stage architectural design competition.

  • Support while preparing and planning for the open project competition, including the organisation of model submissions
  • Appointment and organisation of the jury
  • Drafting of a competition programme with detailed space-allocation specifications
  • Clarification of general conditions (e.g. building legislation, noise control, sustainability, tenant requirements, etc.)
  • Coordination and management of cost planning
  • Interdisciplinary preliminary assessment of competition submissions
  • Jury organisation and moderation
  • Drafting of press releases
  • Drafting of jury reports and organisation of the exhibition

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