Total services submission for new car park P10 "Oberhau" at Zurich Airport

The demand on the part of passengers and Zurich Airport employees for inexpensive long-term parking is to be adequately met in the long term. EBP helps the developer prepare and carry out a total services competition for the construction of a new car park.

The client intends to issue a public call to tender for the provision of comprehensive architectural design, engineering and construction services for a new car park that is to be built in the context of the "Oberhau" development project at Zurich Airport near the SBB Railway and Glatttal Railway stops. The car park P10 "Oberhau" is part of a general strategy to promote greater product differentiation in the parking sector and is expected to adequately cover the demand on the part of passengers and airport employees for inexpensive long-term parking.

EBP provided its consulting services to Zurich Airport AG in connection with the establishment of a framework for total services submissions, and was specifically responsible for the following tasks:

  • Drafting the functional specifications document
  • Establishing the conditions and requirements
  • Organisation and management of the entire selection process
  • Providing advice in terms of establishing the selection procedure
  • Preparation for and execution of the total services submission

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