Workplace concept for the University of St.Gallen’s Holzweid Continuing Education Centre

EBP helps the University of St.Gallen to draft a flexible and maximally accommodating workplace concept for its Holzweid Continuing Education Centre.

The Holzweid Continuing Education Centre at the University of St.Gallen is looking to redesign its administrative office space. Working together with the Centre’s current employees, EBP is working out a flexible workplace concept that will meet the users’ requirements. An integrative process is established to enable a thorough discussion and evaluation of various viable workplace concepts based on the users’ needs and their ways of working. The most suitable of the proposed concepts is to be selected and revised accordingly for purposes of implementation.

EBP is providing the following services in support of the University of St.Gallen:

  • Overview of common ways of working and corresponding office space concepts
  • Analysis of current office design and inventory 
  • Drafting of viable workplace concepts
  • Workshop organisation and moderation
  • Drafting of implementation plan


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