Preliminary study of development needs for the Auenfeld Barracks at the Frauenfeld Military Base

The existing barracks site will require significant expansion to accommodate additional uses. EBP analyses the existing buildings at the site, evaluates space that could be used for additional structures and helps the developer prepare and organise an architectural design competition.

The Auenfeld Barracks at the Frauenfeld Military Base is to be expanded in the context of a general initiative to relocate and consolidate Swiss Army installations. In the course of the project, an assessment is to be made as to the extent to which the relevant forms of barracks utilisation can be accommodated by existing buildings, structural extensions and new buildings.

The site encompasses 15 buildings that are to be expanded and developed as needed to accommodate the following uses: housing, training, staff headquarters and meal services.

An assessment is carried out to determine the available space, the state of the existing buildings, and the degree to which the envisioned site uses could be accommodated. This assessment provides a basis for the organisation of an appropriate architectural design competition.

EBP was commissioned to complete a comprehensive current-state analysis, examine the feasibility of various development options and prepare and organise an architectural design competition for the selected options.

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