Comprehensive renovation of the Aufeld Logistics Centre in Brugg

EBP supports armasuisse as it converts and renovates its logistics centre in Brugg.

The Swiss Army’s logistics centre effectively consolidates various new functions at the Aufeld base in Brugg. The base was comprehensively renovated on behalf of armasuisse Real Estate to ensure smooth base operation.

  • Renovation of building envelopes (flat roofs, façade elements, sunshades, gates, etc.)
  • Preparation and reinforcement of additional available space, including fencing (around 4,500 m2)
  • Installation of an automated site entry gate for controlling person and vehicle access
  • Installation of fire barriers, fire-prevention elements and fire alarm systems
  • Renovation of electrical installations, emergency lighting systems, circuit breakers, light fixtures
  • Implementation of a concept for measurement and control systems
  • Replacement of heat-generating equipment and renovation of heat distribution system; installation of new heating system for variable room temperatures
  • Replacement of control equipment for ventilation and air-conditioning systems

As a comprehensive architectural and engineering services provider, EBP managed all of the project’s phases:

  • Feasibility study, functional specifications documentation
  • Preliminary and building project
  • Real estate memorandum (Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport), military plan approval procedure
  • Call to tender (subcontractors) and project realisation

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