Assessing the sustainability of the Friesenberg District Centre development project

The buildings and other property that comprise the centre of Zurich’s Friesenberg district are in need of renovation and conversion. Various proposals for developing the centre were assessed in terms of their sustainability. The proposals varied in terms of their comprehensiveness, ranging from minimal renovation initiatives to comprehensive redevelopment plans.

The building cooperative known as Familienheim-Genossenschaft is interested in renovating the Friesenberg district centre in the context of general renewal initiatives planned throughout the Friesenberg district. The aim of the plan is to restore the vitality of the district centre with renovations, new-for-old construction and an expanded service offering.

EBP was commissioned to evaluate four alternative development proposals for the Friesenberg district centre in terms of their overall sustainability. The company first developed an evaluation process along with various criteria and parameters that would enable a meaningful comparison of the four proposals.

The evaluation process included two separate stages. In the context of the first stage, EBP carried out an external review of the proposals. This assessment was then followed up with a workshop designed to give various representatives of the building cooperative and other external experts an opportunity to discuss and expand upon EBP's review.

Picture Credits: Heinz Leuenberger Desair AG

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